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  Biomagnetic Pair
   Online Program
              For therapists and students of Medical Biomagnetism
Program features

• See Biomagnetic Pairs, their images and locations, conditions or associated symptoms, observations or special recommendations.

• Multiple field search by: Pole1 or Pole2 of a pair, by body area of Pole1 or Pole2, by pair type, by name and type of pathogen, by route of transmission, etc..

• Keyword search of diseases and symptoms which a Pair or a microorganism commonly associates with.

Thousands of keywords that allow searching for pairs based on symptoms, on associated pairs, and so on.

• It is possible to combine up to five keywords in the same search.
• Search for Pair or Pairs commonly associated with.
• Quick and filtered searches.
• Combined searches.
• Ability to change the order Pole1-Pole2 or Pole2-Pole1 of all pairs.
• All results of single or combined searches can be sorted alphabetically by Pole1 or by Pole2, grouped by type of Pair or by area of the body where it is located.
• Ability to print lists of Biomagnetic Pairs, Pair charts, search results (filtered and combined), and so on.

-If a patient has a parasite that produces neurological problems, we can quickly find with a few mouse clicks which bacteria are located in the area of the head or neck (or elsewhere) which may be collaborating with that parasite.

For more information about Medical Biomagnetism, click here.

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