Details of the training
  Interested in the course?
  • Why this program?
  Why a Biomagnetic Pairs program?
• It facilitates learning biomagnetism and the hundreds of known pairs
• It shortens the time to study and prepare each patient case
• It makes scanning more simple and helps memorize all the information related to the different biomagnetic pairs.
• It sorts all the valuable information of Medical Biomagnetism according to multiple criteria.

Why an online program?
• It provides numerous search fields
• Each user can access his or her personal account and use all his information and personal observations from any place in the world.
• If you are away from home or traveling, you do not need to take your PC or your notes on biomagnetism to access all your therapy information. You can access your personal account from any computer with internet connection.
• If your computer crashes, loses the information it contained or gets stolen, you do not lose any of the information previously loaded. This is especially useful for people who follow the healthy habit of always traveling with a pair of magnets as the magnets can come near the luggage by mistake and accidentally delete the digital information loaded in the computer.

Is the program delivered loaded with content?
• Yes, it is delivered with Biomagnetism content.
It is loaded with thousands of illnesses, biomagnetic pairs, pictures, keywords, Disease-Pair associations, warnings, comments, recommendations, etc.

Using the program
• The program is very easy and intuitive and its use is personal and individual.
• The program is helpful for therapeutic practice and saves studying time. A good biomagnetism therapist should always completely scan the patient and apply magnets on those pairs that are altered, as advised by Dr. Isaac Goiz. However, when a patient comes for consultation with a disease or some specific symptoms, certain biomagnetic pairs are more suspected than others of being unbalanced. And this is why this program is extremely helpful and time saving.