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  Biomagnetism training course

Theoretical and practical training course of Medical Biomagnetism

This Medical Biomagnetism course has been praised to be very methodical, clearly structured and practical. The information provided is complete and thorough. All the principles are focused on therapeutic practice. Students that complete the course are confident about the technique and ready to begin caring for patients with all types of ailments

The diagnostic-therapeutic protocol conforms to the original teaching of Dr. Goiz and is accurate, effective and step by step.

This course is given in two days because it is very well structured and effective. It goes to the point without wasting time on superfluous details or anecdotes.

The practices are carried out among students divided into small groups.

What is Biomagnetism?

Biomagnetic Pair is a natural therapy that is expanding rapidly since it is effective, clean and easy to learn and apply.

This technique has already been endorsed by public health systems in some Latin American countries because its curative and preventive successes are objective and indisputable.

Biomagnetic Pair does not focus on the symptoms of a disease, but rather on its origin, even without the need of laboratory testing.

A biomagnetism therapist scans the patient's body with the use of a magnet in order to detect the points that are unbalanced. These imbalances are conducive to the proliferation of pathogens, viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites and prevent the organs, glands and tissues of the body from functioning normally.

Once these unbalanced points have been detected, the experienced therapist can rebalance the body, allowing the patient to regain health surprisingly fast. This happens so many times even in diseases classified as incurable by medicine itself.

Medical Biomagnetism also has a great preventive value since it is able to detect internal pH imbalances before the first clinical signs of diseases appear (diseases which are simple or complex, chronic, degenerative, syndromes, cancers, etc.).

Who is this course for?

The course is specifically designed for medical doctors, therapists of any specialty as chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists, etc., both professionals and students, veterinarians, dentists, nurses, missionaries and generally to everyone who wants to enjoy good health for himself, for his family, and enjoy helping others to heal, either as a volunteer or as a paid job.

Biomagnetic Pair is compatible with all other therapies and treatments. It complements or blends especially well with the therapies that target the emotional area such as flower essences, tapping, EFT, hypnotherapy, NLP, psychology, and so on. But it also complements very well with all types of manual therapies and therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, orthomolecular medicine, herbal medicine, etc..

Biomagnetism may also be combined with conventional medical and pharmacological treatments. It is especially useful for chronic and degenerative diseases that drugs can only alleviate in the best case, often at the expense of toxicity for the body. In fact, we already do know many allopathic doctors who support this powerful technique and use it in their medical offices, either publicly or secretly, to complement and enhance their medical treatments.

Although a minimum knowledge of anatomy and physiology is recommended, there is no prerequisite for this course because students can study later these subjects at their own rate.

The different issues of this course are addressed in a clear and well structured way, making it especially easy to understand and assimilate. The only prerequisite for this course is having an open mind free from prejudice, and the desire to learn and help others.

What comes with the course

In addition to attending classes and practices, each student will be given the following:

Full handbook for study and therapeutic practice with all the detailed information that students need to learn in order to master this technique and start attending patients soon.

Four magnets

50% discount on the Biomagnetic Pair Online Program (www.biomagneticpair.com). This program allows multi-field searches of biomagnetic pairs and diseases. It is a practical and effective program that facilitates rapid study and learning of this technique and the preparation of patient cases.

Updates for content, especially the last discovered biomagnetic pairs, as well as other new relevant and useful material for therapeutic practice.
We will also give study material on various subjects complementary to biomagnetic therapy.

Students who have attended all classes and participated in all practices will receive at the end a certificate of having successfully completed the Medical Biomagnetism theoretical and practical training course.

In addition, students may stay in touch with the teacher via e-mail after the course has ended to solve any questions that may arise in their everyday therapeutic practice.

Course content

The content covered during this course is:

• Definitions and background of Biomagnetism
• Difference between Dr. Goiz Biomagnetism and Magnetic Therapy
• Preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic system
• Concept of pH in the body
• Energy balance in the body
• Homeostasis and Biomagnetic Pairs in the body
• Biomagnetic Pairs, pathogens and organ dysfunction
• Electromagnetic Resonance
• Synergies between the different pathogenic microorganisms
• Biomagnetic Pairs and disease
• Importance of setting biomagnetic Body Axes
• Therapeutic action of magnets
• Types of magnets
• How to determine the polarity of a magnet
• Warnings about the use of magnets
• Care of magnets
• Homeostasis, energy field, information flow and health field
• Dr. Esther del Rio, Crystal Water and Ferrous-Ferric Network
• Poles and scanning biomagnetic points
• Horizontal and vertical pairs
• Reverse polarity
• Kinesiological phenomenon of hemibody shortening
• Types of Biomagnetic Pair
• What a biomagnetism therapist needs to open an office
• Qualities of a good biomagnetism therapist
• Legal precautions
• Ethics
• Eligibility and Warnings
• Preparation prior to a session with a patient
• Complete therapy protocol. Important rules
• Steps to follow in order to get the best therapeutic success
• Complete scanning. Demonstrations and important considerations to keep in mind to do a good scanning
• Important practical details and examples, how to hold the patient's feet, how to avoid diagnostic errors, etc
• Tumor Factor
• Development and duration of a therapeutic session
• Differential diagnosis and considerations
• Healing Crisis
• Precautions after the session
• Duration of biomagnetism treatment
• Problem of reinfection, reservoirs and complementary pairs: solutions
• How to eliminate free radicals
• Screen Effect
• Cancer, AIDS, allergy and asthma, arthritis, hypertension, glandular dysfunction, hernia, varicose veins, obesity, diabetes and other diseases
will be addressed.